Whose arms would i fall into

I wonder whose arms would i run and fall into if i were drunk in a room full of people i have ever loved

I wonder who all would be there , people from the past who did nothing but hurt me and leave me, and people who never knew how much i have loved them. Would there be people i lost to death and would there be people i lost to fate.

And whose arms would give me comfort, would it be a thing or would it be a human?

I wonder if it would be the coffee mug i seek warmth from on cold lonely nights or the pillow i cry on when my heart ache. Would it be my books who were always there for me when needed with best of the advice or the food which somehow always made me feel nice.


Maybe it could be my best friend or my father or the guy i loved once.

I wonder who would stand up to hold me when i will stumble ,whose gasp would be the loudest and would there be someone who will know that i am strong enough to handle this, that i can stand back myself .

And i keep wondering whose arms would i fall into….


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