There is something   about   night,

 Something so different, something so dead  yet something so alive,

Paradoxes are confusing but they don’t lie.

 Beginning of the dawn and end of the dusk

With blanket of stars and sight of moon, night has it all.

Wind sing different tunes to all we hear by day,as if it’s choking on the words we all are too afraid to say.

Moon knows all your secrets  even if it’s sun that walk with you by the day .

sometimes it make you feel like there are thousands of galaxies exploding inside you, and the world out there is waiting to listen to you and dance to your tunes

and sometimes it makes you feel   so weak that every bone in your body ache, as if your whole existence so infinitesemaly small that it could pass through space between the atoms, and all you want to do is curl in your bed and cry, cry until the pain numbs your whole body and brain or to disappear in darkness of night never to come back  again

Darkness so mesmerizing , darkness so pure

That we let down all our masks and be us

Those midnight conversations, midnight strolls, wet pillows, stumbled wine glasses, crumpled bed sheets,   bloody hands and night witness it all .

But if you are afraid of night, if the silence of night kills you, the sight of moon  hurts,  the darkness scars you , and the secretes of night  intimidates you then let me tell you a secret about night

Even night is as confused and  as incomplete as you are ,

Story of eternal love and heart break, dark secrets and war ;

Listen to the story of moon that how much sun loved her that it died every night  to let her breath and tell her about the person you fall in love with

Tell them how kind their   eyes are or how their lips curl when they smile

And here is a small tiny advice from the girl who has befriended the stars, who find comfort in darkness of night , one who dances with demons under the sky and sing with wolves, who wander wild in woods and who reads books under the stars,that we all are made of stardust and our skin smell like moon, we all are rulers of skies ,we all are part of night .


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