He was standing there in the balcony with a cup of hot steaming coffee looking at the night and enjoying the cold breeze sipping the hot coffee when she came there and stood facing him leaning on the wall.
“You came again “?he chuckled asking this and took another sip of his coffee. “you called me, didn’t you? that’s why I am here” she replied, and sat down on the chair and opend the bookmarked page of the novel kept on the table .he took a deep sigh and without even looking at her asked her,” so what it is tonight ?”
“how would I know? I came to hear you, that’s how it has always been,you telling me your wild stories,right?”
“no ,no it was not like this before ,it was you who used to talk endless and would also complain that I don’t talk and when I will open my mouth you would shut me down with one of your stories and will continue your blabbering” he chuckled saying this, a pain evident in his voice. “why did you change than?just why? Why can’t you talk endless now sitting with me sipping coffee and reading novels”?
“oh yes! you won’t answer. you only answer the things I already know, and I have no clue about this,that just why,why the things changed? He said full of frustration and loneliness

“I can’t answer you because you haven’t yourself admitted this thing yet”
she stood up and went towards him took the mug from his hand and pushed him down on chair and sat on his lap, and took a sip from his mug, “mmm!! Nice, just the way I like it” and gave a small peck on his lips. he took a deep sigh closing his eyes enjoying the moment.
“tell me the story now” ,she asked him and kept her head on his chest .he pulled her closer spooned her in his arms and asked, “do you remember you once asked me what will children ask me stories about when I am old?”
“yes and you like always had not replied” yea! he chuckled
“yeah and not yea, you idiot,she said slapping his arm and they both chuckled.
“Why are you asking about this after so many years ?”
“today when I was practicing football”.urghh!!! you and your football,she said irritatedly. “he laughed out loud, yeah! my football and your soul sister.., so where was I”? “you were on a date with your football” she said sulking.”yeah ,so I was practicing football today in ground when few children came to me and asked me to tell them stories about how I become a footballer”. ” you must have told them the story and bored the poor kids” .
he laughed again ,”no I didn’t ,instead I told them our story.” “our story? really ??so you told them that I come to listen to your stories every night ?”
“no I told them how I let you go like a idiot and how you changed me and how much I love you” she gasped out loud. you finally admitted ? “yes, yes I have admitted that you are not with me”. ” but I am with you in your arms”, she replied .yes ,because you live in my heart he said kissing her forehead. “the sun is about to rise Maan”. “you will leave me again “,he said sadly. “I was never yours ,I am the wild ,set me free and vanished in the air. Maan took a deep sigh, looking toward the rising Sun.

The coffee was cold, and she was gone again.



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